Expert tips to relieve post-holiday syndrome

Expert tips to relieve post-holiday syndrome

A disease-post-holiday syndrome is now prevailing. It refers to the excessive indulgence of yourself during the holiday, which leads to mental fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort, and inattention after the holiday.

Many people have consulted doctors about how to treat post-holiday syndrome.

As a result, relevant experts said that post-holiday syndrome may cause office workers to not want to go to work, students ca n’t study with peace of mind, and may cause serious diseases such as neurasthenia.

So, how to treat post-holiday syndrome, experts have proposed the following.

  1. Symptoms of post-holiday syndrome Experts point out that the symptoms of post-holiday syndrome are mainly the lack of concentration and feeling anxiety, and some patients will have unexplained nausea, dizziness, reactions and allergies.

Many people feel that they can’t sleep at night, can’t get up in the morning, have a drowsy day, lose their energy, have difficulty concentrating at work, and have a large increase in patients with neurosis and allergies.

  2, experts on how to treat post-holiday syndrome, post-holiday syndrome is only a state of mental fatigue, not a disease; generally about a week after the holiday, you can recover.

Neurasthenia patients can gently massage the head, do other small things distracting or listen to music, etc .; also can take a slow and deep breath every few hours; meanwhile, even consult a professional doctor and take appropriate medicine under the guidance of a doctorImprove mood.

  Patients with gastrointestinal discomfort can eat some Jianweixiaoshi tablets or hawthorn tablets appropriately, trying to lighten their diet; walking, jogging or doing gymnastics, “moving” their physiology, and their appetite will gradually return to normal.

External application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat mumps

External application of traditional Chinese medicine to treat mumps

Patients with mumps often have fever, headache, dry throat and other cold symptoms at the beginning of the onset. They mainly invade the parotid and submandibular glands, and are prone to complications such as encephalitis, acute pneumonia, and reproductive organs.

At present, the treatment of mumps is mainly antiviral and symptomatic.

External application of traditional Chinese medicine is convenient and economical, and the effect is good. Now it is introduced as follows.

  Treatment method: Take cork, rhubarb 20g each, raw southern star, realgar 10g each, raw Sichuan black, raw grass black, 5g each of borneol, research into finely into 200g of petroleum jelly after heating and melting, stir well, adjust into ointment for future use.

Before each use, the Chinese medicinal ointment is heated and melted, and an appropriate amount is evenly coated on the sterilized gauze with a thickness of about 2mm, the range is slightly over the swelling area, and then fixed with adhesive tape, and the dressing is changed once a day until healed.

  Chinese medicine believes that mumps is caused by the feeling of rheumatism, and its pathogenesis is: wind and heat attack, deterring Shaoyang; bile fever and stomach, Qi and blood stagnation and obstruction, phlegm and blood stasis obstruction; evil regressionZhengxu, Qiyin loss and so on.

Because the pulse of foot Shaoyang starts from the inner condyle, behind the upper corner of the head and lower ear, walks around the ear, so I see that the cheek under the ear is swollen and painful.

  Fangzhong Huangbai clears heat and purifies fire, detoxifies sores, prevents swelling and swelling, produces Nanxing detoxification, swelling and pain, realgar detoxification and insecticide.

The combined use of various medicines has the effect of detoxifying and removing blood stasis, clearing the collaterals and dissipating heat, reducing swelling and pain, and eliminating local pain.

Healthy soup with chicken feet in chestnut and walnut pot

Healthy soup with chicken feet in chestnut and walnut pot

Today the temperature has dropped again. Today, Liangtang is chestnut and walnut chicken feet.

This soup is fragrant and delicious, and has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, nourishing qi and blood, strengthening bones and strengthening the liver and kidneys.

  Materials: 250 grams of chestnut meat, 150 grams of walnuts, 4 pairs of chicken feet, 150 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Wash each item separately, remove the chestnuts, remove the nails and crack the chicken feet, and cut the lean pork.

Put ginger in a clay pot together with ginger, add 2500 ml of water (about 10 bowls), boil the fire, boil it for about 2 hours, and add salt.

For 3?
For 4 people.

Massage Zusanli Anti-Aging

Massage Zusanli Anti-Aging

Below us, there is an acupoint regulating stomach and anti-aging point-Zusanli. When we flex our legs, we can see a small bone above the skin on the outside of the knee joint. This is the outer knee eye. From the outside,Just below the knee and four horizontal fingers is Zusanli.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the Zusanli acupoint is the acupuncture point of the stomach meridian. The so-called acupuncture point is the acupuncture point where the meridian flow in the whole body meets.Both can be adjusted to treat gastrointestinal indigestion such as stomach pain, vomiting, bloating, bowel sounds, diarrhea, constipation and so on.

Regular massage of Zusanli can also prevent disease and keep fit, resist aging, and have good complications for various common geriatric diseases.

  In the car, during work breaks, you may wish to massage your feet frequently, and persevere.

  The specific method is: use thumb or middle finger to do the action in Zusanli acupoints, 5-10 minutes each time, pay attention to make Zusanli acupuncture-like soreness and fever sensation each time.

Kidney-reinforcing Food Therapy Becomes a Groom Officer

Kidney-reinforcing Food Therapy Becomes a Groom Officer

Newlywed Yaner, sexual intercourse too often, it is necessary to eat more kidney and strong essence food and medicine, it is necessary, here to introduce the ancient effective newly married men tonic kidney diet therapy are as follows: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry and pig kidney stew.

30 grams of sea cucumber and 60 grams of black sesame stew.

2 fish, 2 pieces, 30 grams of walnuts, 250 grams of rice porridge.

Cistanche 30 grams casserole simmered and dregs, add 100 grams of refined lamb and 250 grams of glutinous rice, boiled into a porridge, add ginger, spring onion, salt seasoning clothes when eating.

Mulberry, longan meat and jujube are each 250 grams, boiled to remove the residue, and concentrated, then add an appropriate amount of sugar and boil until shredded, poured on a clean marble or stainless steel plate, smoothed, and cut into regular clothes after cooling.

  Sishen Pot Tofu Pot Aphrodisiac Ingredients: Fructus Aurantii, Fructus Aurantii, Fifth Huaishan, Fifth Lotus, Five Pounds of Tofu, Two Potatoes, Two Mushrooms.

  Practice: Poria, Poria, Huaishan flour, wash lotus seeds.

Wash the tofu, cut into two centimeters, and dry with salt.

Soak the shiitake mushrooms in water and peel and cut the potatoes.

Increase the heat in a wok, pour in peanut oil, heat to eight minutes, remove the salt from the tofu, and fry the potatoes.

Put tofu, shiitake mushrooms, potatoes, lotus seeds, and millet, Poria, Huaishan, and other materials into the stew pot, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and then cook on low heat for an hour.

  Ingredients of Chinese wolfberry and sea cucumber soup pot impotence method: Huaishan five money, Morinda officinalis five money, Chinese wolfberry five money, sea cucumber eight two, red dates twenty.

  Method: Wash Huaishan, Morinda officinalis, wolfberry, sea cucumber, and red dates.

Cut sea cucumber into pieces, add them to the saucepan with the above ingredients, add an appropriate amount of water, and simmer for 3 hours.

  Pork belly Sanshen soup pot impotence ingredients: one or two lotus seeds, one or two lotus roots, one or two of Huaishan, one or two puzzle kernels, and one small belly.

  Method: Decoction of Yizhiren Jiantang.

Soak the lotus seeds, coriander, and Huaishan in Zhizhiren Soup for two hours, and then put them into the cleaned pork belly.

Put it in a saucepan and cook for three hours.

Nourishing Jiapin-Strawberry has high nutritional value

Nourishing Jiapin-Strawberry has high nutritional value

The nutritional content of strawberry is easily digested and absorbed by the human body, and it will not be cold or irritated if you eat more. It is a healthy food for all ages.

Because of its high nutritional value, it is especially suitable for health in spring, so it is regarded as “the first fruit in spring” by nutritionists.

  ”Compendium of Materia Medica” records that strawberry can nourish the lungs, strengthen the spleen, nourish blood, and nourish qi, and is a nourishing product for the elderly, children, and those who are physically weak.

  The nutritional ratio of strawberries is very reasonable. The content of vitamin C is about 10 times that of the same amount of watermelon, grapes, or apples. It is transformed into iron, fructose, glucose, citric acid, and malic acid in strawberries.Hot cough, sore throat, long fire crickets, etc., the nutrients contained in strawberries can play a role in adjuvant therapy.

At the same time, because of iron, friends with anemia can often eat.

  For those with coldness of the spleen and stomach, and those with coughing lungs, they should not eat too much strawberries. In addition, they can be soaked in fresh saline for 10 minutes, and then rinsed with water to get credit.

Body Yoga: Simple and effective small movements to help you comb your S spine

Body Yoga: Simple and effective small movements to help you comb your S spine

Yoga leads us to discover the body, and yoga helps us to maintain the body.

  S-curve of the spine The spine is a large pillar of our body. In order to prevent external shocks from being transmitted directly to the brain, the spine is S-curved.

If this normal S-curve is maintained and the impact is dispersed, the spine will have no burden, and the spinal nerve functions can be exerted normally, and the body is healthy and beautiful.

  If the S-shape is skewed and the OL is shifted for 8 hours or more per day, the muscles have no chance to expand and contract, and the entire spindle body weight is all pressed on the lumbosacral region, resulting in uneven pressure distribution.

In the long run, if the normal S-shape is skewed, the waist will also be skewed. You will feel back pain, flash back . In severe cases, lumbar rigidity may occur, and lumbar disc herniation . S-shaped skewed body and postureWill become unsightly. A few simple and effective yoga therapies, persevere!

Maintain the normal curvature of the S-shaped spine, reject lumbar spine disorders, move muscles, and perfect posture.

Fully enjoy the backless, backless fun!

  Recommended posture 1: Snake-style: lying on your back with your jaw on the ground; don’t grab your arm to help, but lift your upper body from the top of your head to allow your body to try to get off the ground; pay attention to your lower limbs to relax.

Self-examination: If you control the posture, if you feel weakness or pain in the back muscles, and occasionally numbness, dizziness, and difficulty breathing during motion control, etc.

Please go to the hospital and authoritative organization for professional inspection and diagnosis.

  Recommended posture 2: Spider style: legs open, body leaning forward and sitting; hands crossed under thighs, reverse back, intersect behind back; chin, hips, heels, step on the ground at four o’clock.

  Recommended posture 3: Wheeled: Lie on your back with your knees in contact with your thighs with your knees bent; your hands should be aligned with your shoulders and your shoulders should be in contact with your palms against your feet;With strength, lift your body and head up to make your body look like a wheel. Adjust the distance between your hands and feet to try to change it. Breathe naturally and keep your posture for 30 seconds. Slowly lower your body and return to the original movement.

Repeat 4 times.

  Recommended posture 4: Peak style: Sit on your knees, correct your hands forward, take the Vajra sitting position, slowly move away from your calf, and press your palm against the ground; inhale, arm, arm at the same time to support the body, face down, lift the heel;Press the arms, shoulders, and back down, straighten them straight, step the heels completely off the ground, and align them forward without arching; relax and replace, the head naturally hangs down, and the body is inverted V-shaped.

Hold the posture for 10 seconds. After breathing evenly, repeat the action 3 times.

  Tips for life Stretch and flex your body after working for a certain period of time; get rid of the habit of seeing Erjiro’s legs; add calcium and protein, and often bask in the sun; if you have lumbar diseases, pay attention to keep your waist and abdomen warm;.

Can you eat sputum to relieve dysmenorrhea?


Can you eat sputum to relieve dysmenorrhea?

“Every time I come to my aunt, there is always pain in the lower abdomen and the feeling of falling.

A friend told me that eating a little glutinous rice in the first few days of the big aunt can relieve dysmenorrhea.

Does 閱?really have this effect?

“Wheat (wine, rice wine) is a kind of fermented food made from steamed glutinous rice or rice and added to the koji.

The glutinous rice is rich in essential amino acids and multivitamins, as well as a variety of organic acids, low decomposition and doping, which are beneficial to digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Chinese medicine believes that the sputum has the effect of tonifying qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and dehumidification, assisting transportation, strengthening the spleen and benefiting the stomach.

Some dysmenorrhea is caused by qi and blood weakness. In this case, eating a proper amount of glutinous rice is beneficial to menstrual blood discharge, thereby relieving dysmenorrhea.

Use glutinous rice to relieve dysmenorrhea, you can choose eggs, jujube, wolfberry, brown sugar and so on according to your own situation.

Note: Some dysmenorrhea itself is not caused by qi and blood weakness, so eating glutinous rice does not necessarily have an effect; glutinous rice is only a food, not a painkiller, so it is not a meal to relieve dysmenorrhea; to eat warm rather than coldOh, don’t overdose, so as not to overdo it.

Processing method of anthelmintic drugs in Chinese medicinal materials


Processing method of anthelmintic drugs in Chinese medicinal materials

Anyone who can drive away or suppress parasites and drugs is called an anthelmintic.

銆€銆€This class of drugs is mainly used for intestinal parasites (such as aphids, mites, mites, hookworms, etc.) and diseases.

Patients suffering from intestinal worms, every time they see the navel pain, do not think about diet, or good food easy to cure, or eat foreign bodies, long-lasting complexion, yellow body, body weight loss, hair huang upright and other malnutrition phenomena.

When applying deworming, it is necessary to replace and match the appropriate drugs according to the type of parasite, depending on the strength of the body, the severity of the disease, etc. This medicine should generally be taken on an empty stomach to make drugs and parasites easy.Contact, so as to better play the role of deworming; and according to the normal or not the stool, appropriate compatibility with the drug, to intervene in the body.

Because some anthelmintic drugs are quite toxic, the dosage must be paid attention to when applied. Pregnant women, elderly and weak patients should be used with caution.

銆€銆€浣垮悰瀛愩€€銆€[鏉ユ簮]涓轰娇鍚涘瓙绉戞鐗╀娇鍚涘瓙鐨勫共鐕ユ垚鐔熸灉瀹炪€傘€€銆€[Character identification]is spindle-shaped, with 5 ribs and ridges.

The peel is brown, smooth, narrow at the ends, and obtuse at the base.

Light body, not easy to break, broken into a pentagonal shape, the shell contains 1 seed, the seed narrow spindle shape, there are many wrinkles, the seed skin is brown or dark brown, the seed is yellowish white, oily.

There are cracks in the section.

The gas is slightly fragrant and the taste is slightly sweet.

銆€銆€[Processing]raw or fried yellow.

銆€銆€[Sexual taste return]Gan, lukewarm.

Return to the spleen, stomach.

銆€銆€[Functions and Indications]Deworming.

For tsutsugamushi, hoarding in children.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]Make 9-12 grams of gentleman, smash into decoction; make 6-9 grams of Gentleman’s kernel, multi-injection pills or single use for 1-2 times.

銆€銆€[Note]This product should not be taken in large quantities, otherwise it will cause hiccups, dizziness, vomiting and other reactions.

There is also a hiccup phenomenon with the hot tea.

銆€銆€鑻︽鐨€€銆€[鏉ユ簮]涓烘绉戞鐗╁窛妤濆拰妤濈殑骞茬嚗鏍戠毊鍙婃牴鐨€傘€€銆€[Character identification]is irregular plate shape, groove shape or semi-reel shape.

The outer surface is grayish brown or brown, rough, intertwined wrinkles and punctate gray-brown lenticels, and the inner surface is white or yellowish.

The toughness is not easy to break, the cross section is fibrous, and it is lamellar and easy to replace.

Odorless, bitter.

The pieces are semi-bent strips, the skin is grayish brown or taupe, often with brown punctate, wrinkles, and yellowish inner surface.

銆€銆€[Processing]Shredded and raw.

銆€銆€[Sexual taste returning]bitter, cold; there is a small poison.

Return to the liver, spleen, stomach.

銆€銆€[Functions and Indications]Deworming.
For tsutsugamushi disease, external treatment of acne scars.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]4.

5-9 grams, 1-2 times serving; topical amount, research, use the pig fat to apply the affected area.

銆€銆€[Use attention]Hepatitis, patients with nephritis are cautious.

銆€銆€宸濇瀛愩€€銆€[鍒悕]閲戦搩瀛愶紝宸濇瀹炪€傘€€銆€[Source]is the dry and ripe fruit of 妤濈宸濇.

銆€銆€[Character identification]is spherical, with golden yellow surface, brownish yellow with dark dots, fruit leather, soft flesh, light yellow, fruity rounded shape, with 6-8 longitudinal edges, containing dark brown seeds 6-8 capsules.

Gas-specific, bitter and bitter.

The pieces are hemispherical and irregular in shape.銆€銆€[Processing]raw, fried yellow, salt fried.

銆€銆€[Sexual taste returning]bitter, cold; there is a small poison.
Liver, small intestine, bladder.

銆€銆€[Indications]Shugan, pain relief, deworming.

For chest, flank, abdominal pain, kidney pain, ascariasis.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]4.

5-9 grams.

銆€銆€鍗楃摐瀛愩€€銆€[鏉ユ簮]涓鸿懌鑺︾妞嶇墿鍗楃摐瀛愮殑骞茬嚗鎴愮啛绉嶅瓙銆傘€€銆€[Character identification]is flat oval.

The seed coat is yellowish-white with a rim edge on the edge, the tip is tapered and flat, the bottom is steep, and contains a seed, which is oily.

The gas is slightly fragrant and the taste is slightly sweet.

銆€銆€[Processing]smashed and used.

銆€銆€[Sexual taste return]Gan, warm.

Return to the stomach, the large intestine.

銆€銆€[Functions and Indications]Insecticide.

Use tsutsugamushi, schistosomiasis.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]60-120 g.

銆€銆€姒у瓙銆€銆€[鏉ユ簮]涓虹孩璞嗘潐绉戞鐗╂Η鏍戠殑骞茬嚗鎴愮啛绉嶅瓙銆傘€€銆€[Character identification]is oval-shaped, the surface is gray-yellow, yellowish brown, with longitudinal wrinkles, one end is slender and round, and the other end is slightly pointed.

The shell is hard, contains one kernel, and the surface shrinks.

The gas is slight, the taste is slightly sweet and sturdy.

銆€銆€[Processing]smashed and used.
銆€銆€[Sexual taste return]Gan, Ping.

Return to the stomach, the large intestine.
銆€銆€[Functions and Indications]Eliminate the product and remove the insects.

For children to hoard, insects accumulate abdominal pain.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]9-15 grams.

銆€銆€妲熸銆€銆€[鏉ユ簮]涓烘姒堢妞嶇墿妲熸鐨勫共鐕ユ垚鐔熺瀛愩€傘€€銆€[Character identification]is oblate or conical.

The surface is yellowish brown or light red with a slightly concave mesh groove, the bottom center and the dimple, and the side edge has a distinct scar.

Hard and hard to break, the section is brown, white marble pattern.

Qi Wei, miso, bitter.

Pieces of flakes are microchips or lumps, and the flakes have a radial pattern.

銆€銆€[Processing]Sliced or broken, raw or scorched.

銆€銆€[Sexual taste returning]Hard, Xin, warm.

Return to the stomach, the large intestine.
銆€銆€[Indications]Depletion, deworming, gas reduction, water, for food bloating, tsutsugamushi, ginger schistosomiasis, ascariasis, dysentery, malaria, edema.

銆€銆€[Usage and Dosage]3-9 grams; drive mites, ginger worms 30-54 grams.

Ten bedtime foods that help sleep without gaining weight


Ten bedtime foods that help sleep without gaining weight

If you often wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning, most of it is because your blood is too low and the adrenaline secretion is increased.

Of course, the food you eat before going to bed should be properly selected. If you choose the right one, it will not affect your body, but it will also help you relax before sleep and improve your sleep quality.


Pasta pasta itself is made from wheat and is a low-calorie healthy dish with a high-conversion portion only in the sauce.

銆€銆€Therefore, as long as the low-calorie healthy sauce is prepared, the pasta becomes a delicious taste that does not increase fat.

Food experts have the secret of making low-calorie pasta sauce, which is to diced carrots, bean sprouts and tomatoes, then add the appropriate amount of rain sauce soy sauce and olive oil to mix evenly, or add some white boiled on this basis.Chicken breast minced meat.

銆€銆€The pasta seasoned with this sauce is even delicious, with thick fiber to provide a feeling of fullness, and you can add vitamin A to fight free radicals and fight oxidation.

銆€銆€Special reminders to choose high-quality pasta made from wheat, rye, etc., as well as small red-yellow-yellow carrots, organically grown yellow bean sprouts and tomatoes.


Organic Tomatoes If you can’t keep your mouth and eat too much, then tomatoes are the savior of your night.

Tomatoes are rich in precipitated fibers (which help the growth of probiotics inside) and pectin, which can cause your stomach to stimulate the brain’s satiety center, while also taking away the built-in acidic metabolic waste to help you sleep.The first stage of detoxification is completed in the process.

銆€銆€Moreover, the unique lycopene in tomatoes also has powerful antioxidant functions, which can fight off excess free radicals and help the skin resist aging.

When lycopene and citric acid work together, it can help you lose weight, because citric acid can promote slight burning, and lycopene can inhibit micro-cells.

銆€銆€Especially when staying up late, you may want to eat more tomatoes, because the plant contains pineapple voxels, which are similar to each other, which can effectively relieve fatigue.

It is recommended that you buy large tomatoes that are grown organically, and the red color is better than the peach color and contains more lycopene.

It can be eaten directly or made into a tomato salad. Here are two ways to make a delicious tomato salad.

銆€銆€Tomato and almond salad: Cut the tomatoes, the lettuce is small, the almonds are crushed, put into a large bowl, add the appropriate amount of apple cider vinegar (or replace with yogurt) and a small amount of honey, mix well.

銆€銆€Spanish salad: cut the tomatoes, peel the diced cucumber, diced the bell pepper, add half an onion diced according to the taste, mix with the right amount of olive oil and red wine vinegar, and finally add the pepper and salt to taste.


Black bread white bread is not healthy enough, whole wheat bread tastes bad, then try black bread.

銆€銆€Black bread is degraded with wheat gluten. Even if you are picky about food, you will not like its taste and taste. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory factors and substitute fibers, which can also remove the acid substances that affect sleep.Conducive to the growth of probiotics in the intermediates.

銆€銆€Make a simple slice sandwich of black bread and cucumber, healthy and delicious.


Many almond nutrition experts in the United States recommend American almonds as a night snack, just because it is convenient to eat and has a full satiety. It is also because the cell wall structure in the American almonds can shield the body from the absorption of adults and prevent you from getting fat.

銆€銆€In addition, American almonds are also rich in calming nerves of tryptophan and muscles that relax muscles, which can help you improve your sleep quality.


Probiotic yogurt should not be thought to be fat before eating dairy products before going to bed!

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can accumulate all the time, promote micro-decomposition, and have unexpected slimming effects, especially to help remove the lower body.

Moreover, probiotics can also regulate the balance of intestinal flora, eliminate spoilage bacteria, promote the discharge of toxins, enhance immunity in the body, and exert the effect of detoxification and beauty.

If you don’t need to stay up late, it is recommended that you add some fruit and have a hypnotic effect.

Bananas, papayas, kiwis, tomatoes, etc. are all fruits with a sleeping function. Cut them into diced yoghurt and sprinkle with 8 American almonds.

Nutrition experts recommend that you buy yogurt with high-quality probiotics, and add a lot of BB-12 Bifidobacterium Guanyi milk is a good choice.


Green fruit and vegetable juice sometimes feels hungry is not really hungry, but because your body cells are short of water, the brain is misled and sends out the wrong signal.

At this time, drinking a cup of natural green fruit and vegetable juice can not only replenish water in time, but also effectively solve the high temperature sensation. At the same time, it can slowly release fructose, relax nerves and promote sleep.

Green apples, carrots, celery, green grapes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cabbage are all good materials for making green fruit and vegetable juices.

銆€銆€Cut them into small pieces, add some milk, honey and some ice, then use a blender to break.

Special reminders to use a blender instead of a juicer, because the former retains the supplemental fiber in the juice, which helps the probiotics in the built-in growth.
Whole grain pumpkin porridge Chinese traditional medicine believes that pumpkin is warm, can moisturize the lungs and replenish qi, is a wonderful product of blood, has a special cosmetic effect on women, so the Qing Dynasty famous member Zhang Zhidong suggested that the Empress Dowager Cixi used pumpkins to make nightingales to maintain youthful beauty.
銆€銆€Modern nutrition research has also found that pumpkins are the lowest, even before going to sleep, they will not cause weight gain, and they are rich in supplemental fiber and pectin. They are completely satiety and can absorb the metabolic waste and carcinogenic nitrous acid.Salt can help the body detoxify during sleep, and is rich in unique trace element cobalt, which can protect the heart.

You can boil the pumpkin directly, then add the right amount of honey.

You can also choose some coarse grain pumpkin porridge to eat according to your personal preferences.


Potato potato is the most nutritious natural slimming food. It contains no traces of glucose and glucose, and its conversion is very low (only 21% of the weight of rice). It also contains very rich soft oil fiber, which can bring high satiety.Abdominal sensation (satisfaction is 3 times that of an equal volume of white bread, 6 times that of equal weight rice).

銆€銆€Eating some potatoes before going to bed will not cause weight gain, and will make you sleep more sweet, because the potato is rich in alkaline compounds. As for the cooking method, nutrition experts recommend that you steam the potatoes, cook them or make mashed potatoes.

Steamed, boiled potatoes are soy, honey or milk sour is delicious and nutritious.

銆€銆€The production of mashed potatoes is very simple. Just steam and boil the potatoes and slice them. After peeling and peeling, crush them, add the raisins, half kiwi diced, half a cup of yogurt or salt. Mix well.It will be fine.


Soybean Mud Soybean Mud is actually the bean dregs left after the soy milk is finished. This is a good food that must not be wasted. It has multiple functions of sleeping, slimming and detoxification.

銆€銆€It is rich in phytoestrogens like soy milk, which makes you feel relaxed. It is also rich in oligosaccharides, which promotes the growth of internal probiotics, reduces trace and substitution metabolism, reduces the deposition of acidic metabolites in the body, and helps replaceDetoxification; absorption of rich mineral calcium, soy protein and soybean fiber, is a catalyst for body fat burning.

銆€銆€You can eat the bean dregs, or you can add the almonds, raisins and other dried fruits and mix them directly. You can also add some cucumbers and mix them together.


Oatmeal oatmeal, like potato, can help you clear out the acidic substances that affect sleep during initialization, and it can relax nerves and have a soft sleeping effect.

銆€銆€First, oatmeal can improve the release of an insulin in your body that helps tryptophan reach the brain and transform it into a complex amine, telling the brain that it is time to sleep.

銆€銆€In fact, oatmeal will release glucose evenly during your sleep, maintain blood sugar balance, and prevent you from having a bad dream while sleeping, because the study found that nearly 40% of bad dreams are caused by low blood sugar.

銆€銆€Cook a small bowl of oatmeal and add some honey to taste, which is a delicious and healthy nightingale.

If you think that only oatmeal ingredients are too monotonous, you can add the same amount of glutinous rice.

In addition to chronic beauty effects, glutinous rice has a good feeling of fullness, which can promote water metabolism, prevention, and edema.