Unilateral prescription for treating ulcer disease


Unilateral prescription for treating ulcer disease

There are many unilateral prescriptions for the treatment of ulcer disease, and some of them are excerpted for reference.

銆€銆€(1) Purslane: 100?
150g, add water to simmer, twice a day; or half a cup of fresh purslane juice, add two spoons of honey, stewed in water, served twice on an empty stomach to treat bacillary dysentery (damp heat, cold dampness).

銆€銆€(2) Phoenix: 30?
40g, add 250ml of water, fry until about 100ml, add sugar or rock sugar 5?
10g, 3 times orally, to treat bacillary dysentery (damp heat, cold dampness).

銆€銆€(3) vine leaves: take fresh leaves 250g, add water 800ml, fry for one and a half hours, filter out the liquid, concentrate to 150ml, 3 times, served within one day, treat bacteria (damp heat, cold damp).

銆€銆€(4) Eucalyptus leaves: Take fresh leaves indoors and air dry, use 500g chopped into aluminum pot or casserole (put in iron pot), soak in water, fry until 1500ml, filter out the liquid.

Oral administration of 100ml each time, 3 times a day, or 100m l with a small amount of water instead of a retention enema, 1 night before bedtime, treatment of bacillary dysentery (damp heat, cold dampness).

銆€銆€(5) Spicy cilantro: with dry leaves 100?
150g, decoction, 4?
1 time in 6 hours, 200 times a day?
300g, fresh leaves doubled, served until the symptoms disappeared, and then take 1 dose to treat bacterial contamination (wet heat, cold and wet).

銆€銆€(6) Persimmon: Take the persimmons and wash the slices to dry, fry the yellow powder, each time 5g, 3 times a day, boiled water to serve.

It can treat acute dysentery.

銆€銆€(7) Deer grass: dry leaves 200?
250g, add water 1000?
2000ml, simmer for 30 minutes, filter out the liquid, divided into 6 times, 3 times a day, 10?
15 days for a course of treatment, even 1?
2 courses can cure chronic bacillary dysfunction (rest).

銆€銆€(8) Lentil flower: Take 60g of lentil flower and fry, decoction two bowls, and even serve 2 times, and take it again on the second day. It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and dampness and relieving diarrhea.

Can be used to treat ulcers at the beginning.

銆€銆€(9) Dried ginger: Take ginger, cut as big as soybeans, take 6 each time?
7 capsules, rice soup delivery service, 4 times a day, can be used to cure cold dampness, Zheng Jian under the armpit red white sticky, white more red less, or pure white frozen, abdominal pain, urgency and heavy, suffocating and so on.

銆€銆€(10) Green pepper seed: Take 300 grams of spicy green pepper seeds, dry the ground powder, adults take 3 times a day, each serving 9 grams, with warm and cold, convergence and diarrhea, can be used to treat chronic diarrheaProlapse.

銆€銆€(11) Pomegranate peel tea: Take 15g of pomegranate peel, wash the slice, add water to simmer, drink daily on behalf of tea, can be used for treatment of rest, when the symptoms are seen, the time is long, the diet is reduced, the diet is reduced, the stool is clippedHave mucus or see red.

銆€銆€(12) Dijincao mixture: 250g of Dijincao, add 1500ml of water, fry to 1000ml, filter out the liquid, add 1000ml of water to the dregs, fry to 500ml, combine the two liquids, concentrate to 1000ml, add the compound camphor after coolingMl 20 ml.

Method: 3 times a day, 100ml each time, treatment of bacillary dysentery (damp heat, cold dampness).

銆€銆€(13) Silver garlic tea mixture: purple garlic 1000g, tea (common earth tea) 1200g, silver flower 320g, raw licorice 120g.

Peel the garlic, grind it with a meat grinder, add a small amount of cold white, and squeeze the juice with gauze; soak the tea with 2000ml boiling water for half an hour, filter the juice; licorice, silver flower and water 1600 ml, simmer with a jarIt was concentrated to 800 ml and filtered with gauze to obtain juice.

The above three liquids are mixed, and an appropriate amount of white sugar or brown sugar and boiling water are added to prepare 4000 ml, which is bottled for use.

20ml per adult, 3 times a day, even 3?
7 days for the treatment of bacterial dysentery.

銆€銆€(14) Take 30g of purple skin garlic, peeled, add boiling water for 2 minutes, remove it, then add 100g of the previous rice to garlic water to cook porridge. After the porridge is formed, put the garlic into the porridge and cook until the porridge is thick.on.

1 time each morning and evening, fasting hot food, 10?
15 days for a course of treatment, interval 3?
5 days for another second course.

Office secretary is not old


Office secretary is not old

Sitting in the office for a long time, it seems that the legs and feet are the most relaxed and relaxed, but in fact, sedentary still makes him very hurt.

Think about whether you often have various symptoms such as “foot numbness”, “leg swelling” and “cool feet”. These may be due to the sedentary office, high heels waiting to be brought.

Therefore, staying in the office, you must not neglect the leg and foot care, here is the second heart of the person.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍧愬Э锛氬眮鑲″彧鍧愭瀛愮殑1/3銆€銆€鍧愬Э涓嶄粎浠呭奖鍝嶇潃鑵版銆侀妞庣殑鍋ュ悍鐘跺喌锛屽悓鏃朵篃鐩存帴褰卞搷鐫€鑵胯剼鐨勫埄绱㈢▼搴︺€侷f the human body leans back, the chair teaches softness, and if you can’t sit for a long time, it will easily lead to poor blood flow and cause numbness in the legs and feet.

Therefore, the sitting posture must be positive. When sitting for a long time, it is best not to exceed the replacement of the chair, and the back is as straight as possible.

Try to choose a harder material for the chair.

銆€銆€Put a pair of light cloth shoes in the office. Many officelady wear high heels to work every day. High heels are also the infamous “leg and foot health killer”.

When wearing high heels, 60% of the body’s weight needs to be supported by the forefoot, and the pressure is concentrated on the toes, which can easily cause knee valgus, thumb bursitis, hammer toe, and phalanx fracture necrosis.

Therefore, it is best for white-collar workers to prepare a pair of soft-soled shoes in the office. When the female fan is not needed, the legs and feet can be replaced.

銆€銆€”Dry-cleaning legs” prevent varicose veins by using a “dry-cleaning” massage technique to massage the legs during rest, which can effectively prevent varicose veins and muscle atrophy in the legs.

Practice: Hold the thigh root with both hands and massage from the thigh root until the foot.

Then, from the toes, often rub back to the thigh roots.

銆€銆€USB warm shoes from the bottom of the foot For many offices without heating and air conditioning, the autumn and winter shoes are like two small hail, the feet are separated and cold inside.

Chinese medicine believes that cold from the foot, if the long-term feet are cold, it is easy to get sick.

Therefore, these friends can prepare a pair of USB warm shoes in the office, use the USB interface to charge the shoes through the computer to heat up, to achieve the effect of warm feet.

銆€銆€Eat more potassium-containing fruits to prevent leg edema. A group of people can usually eat more fruits containing potassium metabolism, such as apples, papayas, strawberries, persimmons, etc., which can effectively eliminate leg edema and lower body obesity.

銆€銆€When you work in front of your computer, you can use your palm to gently rub your feet.

Spoke 20 times each time.

It can clear the blood and strengthen the leg strength.

銆€銆€The lame leg method can prevent calf cramps when the lunch break is prevented every day.

Practice: Lift the wall with one hand, tilt the calf forward, tilt the toes forward, and then move backwards.

Can effectively prevent calf cramps.

Ten daily ingredients to reduce the burden on the heart


Ten daily ingredients to reduce the burden on the heart

Nuts: Almonds, peanuts and other nuts can help the heart with the risk of heart disease by using amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the heart.

Kernel: Coix seed, which belongs to plasma fiber, can accelerate the elimination of plasma from the liver and protect heart health.

Black sesame: Black sesame contains unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, which maintains blood vessel elasticity and prevents arteriosclerosis.

Soybeans: Soybeans contain a variety of essential amino acids, and most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote free metabolism and cholesterol metabolism in the body.

Corn: Corn oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, up to 60% linoleic acid, is a good plasma absorbent; corn in the Chinese medicine is diuretic, and has the effect of helping to stabilize blood pressure.

Potato: This food contains a lot of vitamin C and sodium, potassium, iron, etc., especially the highest potassium content, containing 502 mg of potassium per 100 grams, is a rare high-potassium vegetable.

Patients with heart disease, especially cardiac insufficiency, are often associated with hypokalemia.

Eat potatoes often, both potassium, sugar, protein and minerals, vitamins and so on.

Spinach: This product is rich in folic acid, which can effectively prevent cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, the iron and trace elements in spinach can even supplement the blood.

Celery: The celery contained in celery protects cardiovascular function.

Eat celery to eat leaves, because the leaves are the essence of nutrition.

The vitamin C of the leaves is higher than the stem and contains phytonutrients with high nutritional value.

Celery is also a food for carbonized cellulose.

The latest research shows that eating more fiber-based foods can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Fungus: Edible fungus can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and accelerate plasma exchange in vitro.

In addition, black fungus contains anti-platelet clotting substances, which have better health effects for arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and dual stroke.

Kelp: Kelp is a soluble fiber, which is more easily decomposed and absorbed by the large intestine than ordinary vegetable fiber. Therefore, it can accelerate the harmful substances such as injecting into the body, prevent the increase of blood clots and blood viscosity, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Environmentally friendly


Environmentally friendly

It is said that Emperor Wu of Liang is a person who advocates vegetarianism in China. His understanding of Buddhists is Bodhisattva’s compassion, against killing, and against eating raw meat.

In fact, historically, the earlier vegetarians were the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras in the sixth century BC. He said that human beings should live on beans and other vegetarian foods and not eat.

Those who do not eat meat are called Pythagoras believers.

The vegetarians at the time believed that the human soul could be reincarnation, but modern and contemporary vegetarians were separated from religious superstitions in terms of health and environmental awareness.

The Beatles member Paul McCartney once declared: “Less eat less meat, less global warming.

He called on everyone to become a vegetarian.

銆€銆€Once upon a time, both Chinese and foreign, the table of meat on a table a week has been very good; and the fact is that the consumption of meat and milk is growing; in 2008, the global consumption of 2.

800 million tons of meat, 700 million tons of milk.

American citizens have always been the world record holder of meat consumption, with an average of 120 kilograms per person per year.

Surprisingly, the amount of chicken eaten by humans today is 150 times that of 80 years ago.

Eating meat seems to be a symbol of people’s affluence. According to the United Nations, due to the growing global population, meat production must at least double by 2050, which will be a disastrous burden on the environment.

Human beings are in an extremely contradictory suspicion, and every way of agricultural production will damage our environment.

According to one survey, 20% of greenhouse gas emissions, 60% of phosphorus emissions, and 30% of all kinds of harmful substances are discharged to agricultural production accounts; agriculture takes up half of the land area, and agricultural water consumption accounts for70%.

銆€銆€Scientists and people of insight advocate vegetarianism in order to get humans out of the shackles, because the environmental damage caused by eating meat far exceeds pure agricultural production, and the impact of raising livestock on global warming is greater than the impact of transportation;The indirect climate impact of kilograms of beef is equivalent to the climate impact of a car opening 250 kilometers.

In addition, in order to obtain 1 kg of beef, 30 kg of grain or other feed must be produced.

銆€銆€In theory, if the Earth can be turned into a vegetarian, it can save about 20% of the agricultural land area (caused by meat animals), equivalent to 3.4 million square kilometers.

The demand for pesticides will also be reduced by about 30%, and the demand for antibiotics will also drop. So far, about half of the antibiotic preparations have been fed to meat animals.

It is especially obvious that anti-warm animals such as cattle and sheep are the medium largest producers. The average annual emissions of a cow is 110 kilograms of carbon dioxide. After conversion, it is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle for 15,000 kilometers.

銆€銆€In short, vegetarianism makes the world greener. Vegetarians can make people get more clean water. Vegetarians can make air quality better. Vegetarians can alleviate global warming. Vegetarians are good for health and can reduce the incidence of many diseases.but pureEating vegetarian food also brings many other problems. Some humans’ nutritional intake will become incomplete (so nutrients must be added to vegetarian diets); the hierarchical structure of the whole society will change, so that the class that produces meat can make a living.Become poor; humans will lose a lot of by-products brought by meat animals: leather for shoes, fur for clothes, woolen cloth, etc.

銆€銆€To put it bluntly, there is still no way to do everything, so I have to take a step back and say: “Try to reduce meat.”



Improper weight loss or fast weight loss is easy to suffer from gallstones!

According to the Liberation Daily, not long ago, a hospital in Heilongjiang received a patient with gallstones who had been ill for many years.

During the operation, the doctor took out 101 stones from his gallbladder and the family became one.

According to doctors, 101 small stones are not many, and several hundred long.

Experts advise: improper weight loss, especially those who are pursuing rapid weight loss are prone to gallstones.

銆€銆€Gallstones are also “rich disease” gallstones are one of the most common diseases of the human biliary system.

Absolutely, the biggest role of the gallbladder is to store and regulate bile.

To put it bluntly, the biliary system including the inside of the gallbladder is like a 鈥渞iver鈥?that gradually gathers and grows from small to large.

The intrahepatic biliary tract and the extrahepatic biliary tract form the “river.”

Its mission is to deliver bile from the liver to the duodenum.

銆€銆€Therefore, in addition to the gallbladder, both the extrahepatic bile duct and the intrahepatic bile duct with the “one river water” may have long stones.

Studies on cholelithiasis with increasing incidence have shown that cholesterol stones are the most common in terms of the composition of stones. According to the site of stones, gallstones account for about half of the biliary system stones.

銆€銆€How are 101 or even more stones formed?

Experts believe that there are many reasons for the formation of gallstones, and its pathogenesis is not completely clear.

However, the formation of gallstones and the changes in the proportion of cholesterol contained in bile are necessarily related.

Therefore, people who prefer high cholesterol and high sputum are often prone to gallstones.

High cholesterol diet The concentration of cholesterol in the bile is increased, the bile is thick, and the excretion is poor, leading to stones.

Therefore, patients with diabetes and cirrhosis are also high-risk people with gallstones.

銆€銆€Experts say: high cholesterol, high feces are often the culprit of gallstones, and parasites are more likely to cause bile duct stones.

In the past, patients with chronic bile duct stones far exceeded gallstones, and complications have led to an increase in people’s living standards and replacement of structural changes, and the incidence of gallstones has exceeded that of European and American countries.

銆€銆€Experts also pointed out that mental stress can also lead to the growth of gallstones.

Because human brain activity can affect the operation of the digestive system, if the mental state is in a state of tension, impatience or even depression, it will lead to autonomic dysfunction, affecting the gallbladder contraction, and affecting the movement and secretion of bile, thereby promoting gallstones.form.

銆€銆€Losing weight may reduce gallstones to eat too well, too little to eat, may have gallstones.

Experts said: “Inappropriate weight loss, especially those who are pursuing rapid weight loss are prone to gallstones.

“Excessive weight loss will reduce weight by taking medication and reducing appetite.”

They often control their diet, do not eat rice, and some even eat only a small amount of vegetables.

Too little food intake leads to an imbalance in nutrient ratio, which can cause gallbladder stasis, delayed emptying, and thick bile to form stones.

This phenomenon is most noticeable when the weight loss rate is accelerated, when the weight loss rate exceeds 1 per week.

At 5 kg, the risk of gallstones suddenly increases.

銆€銆€Remotely, foreign scientists have done special research on gallstones caused by weight loss. The results show that the bile salt content in the bile of dieters is significantly increased, the mucus is increased by at least 10 times, and the calcium is also increased by 40%.

The increase in calcium and mucus has a major effect on the formation of gallstones.

銆€銆€A large number of clinical data statistics also found that gallstones caused by weight loss occurred in the first two years of weight loss, especially in 2 to 4 months of rapid weight loss, about 25% of people have gallstones, of which surgery to lose weightThe incidence of gallstones is higher.

Experts remind dieters that it is not advisable to control diets in pursuit of fast weight loss.