The four misunderstandings that corsets must be vigilant


The four misunderstandings that corsets must be vigilant

As the age grows, and the effect of gravity, it gradually sags slightly. How to properly wear the body shaping underwear can show the fullness of the circumference.

Although the skull is big, if you wear the body shaping underwear wrongly, the chest will be hit and it will not be squeezed properly, but a series of adverse effects will occur.


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A tight bra can deform the breast, causing normal breathing, difficulty in exercising, and even causing “green blood disease.”

In addition, too tight underwear may also affect the sweat excretion of the skin, causing skin diseases.

But how much do you know about the misunderstanding of wearing a corset?

Do you have the need to wear body shaping underwear?

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 1: After wearing, it is easy to say that the weight loss effect is good. Generally speaking, a good quality product can wear for two years.

However, there are some products that are unqualified, and they will not deform when they are monthly. The merchant may tell you that you have lost weight, but the waist seal with a memory alloy will change your body shape. Then youI have to consider that I am afraid that it is a bad thing to buy, and don’t be complacent because of the explanation of the business.

]銆€銆€璇尯浜岋細绌跨殑鏃堕棿瓒婇暱鍑忚偉鏁堟灉瓒婂ソ 銆€銆€缇庝綋鍐呰。鐭椂闂存尋鍘嬫垨璁镐笉浼氫骇鐢熷お澶у奖鍝嶏紝浣嗛暱鏈熷帇杩皢瀵逛汉浣撳唴閮ㄥ櫒瀹樹細浜х敓涓嶈壇鍚庢灉锛屽鏄撳嚭鐜板叏韬娑叉祦閫氫笉鐣呭拰鏂伴檲浠h阿涓嶈壇Symptoms.

Experts suggest that you should not wear it for too long each time, generally do not wear more than 4 hours at a time, and can not wear it every day.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 3: It is the gospel of losers. One of the purposes of wearing body underwear is to control appetite. The sense of restraint at the waist can make you not eat a lot every meal. 8 points should be the limit.

Therefore, the main role of body underwear is to make the curve beautiful rather than weight loss, do not equate body underwear with weight loss.

銆€銆€Myth 4: I am still very young, and I don’t have to wear a good body. When I am older, I will say that women who need to recover after the birth, women with poor proportions, some shorts, hips, women with thick thighs, and those parts.People who have extra meat and are hard to lose need to wear body shaping underwear.

After the age of 25, women’s skin will sag, and then it should consciously delay the aging of the body.

Are you using it?

Are you using it?


Use the washbasin – dirty water to wash the face more and more dirty and not to say whether the wash basin is clean, just say that the wash water, after the face and face interaction, more and more embarrassing, and finally ended with unclean.

It’s not as good as hand-washing.


Using Soap – Excessively cleansing the skin is called saving the skin. There are a lot of sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the skin. Every time, a natural “advanced beauty cream” is formed, forming an invisible protective film on the skin.

It is slightly acidic and has a strong bactericidal skin care effect.

Alkaline soap not only destroys its protective effect, but also stimulates a lot of sebaceous glands to “oil”.

The more you use soap to “de-oil”, the more oil you produce from sebaceous glands, and it’s hard to clean up.

It can be seen that if the skin is not too dirty, it should not be washed with soap.


Using hot water – dry skin too tight heat can completely remove the protective film on the face, so after washing your face with hot water and soap, people’s skin will feel very tight and uncomfortable.


Use a wet towel – contaminated clean skin, long wet and dry towel is conducive to the growth of a variety of microorganisms, washing your face with a wet towel is tantamount to absorbing various bacteria into the body.

Towels should always be kept clean and dry, washed with a dry towel after washing your face, and quickly and hygienic.

5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly


5 kinds of flowers suitable for the elderly

According to experts from the Center for Gerontology, some flowers are not only ornamental, but also have pharmacological health effects, which are very suitable for the elderly.

銆€銆€Ginseng is suitable for the elderly with chronic diseases.

Ginseng can watch three seasons a year.

In the spring, the germination of the ginseng sprouts downwards, especially like the morphological elephant trunk is pulled out from the soil; in summer, the umbel-shaped inflorescence is covered with white and green seductive flowers; in autumn, the red fruit is lined with green leaves.Especially pleasing to the eye.

The roots, leaves, flowers and seeds of ginseng can be used as medicine, which has a magical effect on the strong body and conditioning function.

銆€銆€Five-color pepper is suitable for the elderly with rheumatism and spleen and stomach.

The five-colored peppers are colorful, and the roots, fruits and stems are all medicinal.

銆€銆€Lilies are suitable for older people with tuberculosis.

Lily flower shape is elegant, bulbs and flowers in addition to food, medicine can be used for antitussive, flat shock, lungs.

Older people with high blood pressure and unfavorable urination can grow honeysuckle and small chrysanthemum.

The flowers are filled with incense pillows, washed with flowers, and have the effect of eliminating heat and detoxification, lowering blood pressure, clearing the brain and clearing the liver and improving eyesight.

銆€銆€The impatiens are simple and elegant, and the seeds are fried and sputum can cure numbness and soreness. Take the whole plant orally and apply it to the venom.

Flowers outside the scorpion can cure goose palm madness, but also remove body odor.

銆€銆€Cactus is in a variety of poses, medicinal cold bitterness, can relax the muscles and promote blood circulation, nourish the stomach, have certain pharmacological effects on arteriosclerosis, diabetes, cancer, etc., Milan, jasmine flowers attack people, can incense tea.

Milan leaves can cure bruises.

Jasmine leaf flower medicine can cure colds and enteritis.

15 big foods to lose weight, eat crazy and thin


15 big foods to lose weight, eat crazy and thin

If you want to lose weight effectively, you must master the embarrassment of your diet.

How do we eat the dishes we eat in our daily lives, in order to eat them?

The following small series will teach you how to lose weight in 15 foods.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鏃ュ紡鎷夐潰銆€銆€鏃ュ紡鎷夐潰琚竴灞傛补鍖呯潃锛屽ぇ澧炲叾鐑噺锛屾晠姝ゅ湪鍑忚偉鏈熼棿骞朵笉寤鸿椋熺敤.The base of the Japanese restaurant is made of pork bone or noodles. It also has a high adult and salt content. After eating, it will make the body volume water and increase the body weight.

A better choice is cold noodles, because it is also fried at the same time, and there is no use of soup bottom, so it can be replaced.

銆€銆€Of course, when choosing any food, you should also consider the combination of food. In the combination of fat pork, fat beef, fried pork chop, and lean meat, fish eggs, and beef balls, do you know how to choose?

銆€銆€Sushi 6 pieces of sushi rice is different from the size of a bowl of rice. When the fish is stacked to a size of 1 puff, there is 1 part of the meat.

When choosing sushi, you need to consider which kind of fish to match.

Generally, the fish are more fat (such as salmon with white and white stripes), and the tuna, such as tuna, are high in content and high in conversion.

銆€銆€Baitangzhai Intestine Powder 1 bowl of white porridge instead of 1/3 bowl of white rice ingredients, rich in starch, and does not contain traces, can provide human variables.

However, if it can be matched with fish fillets, preserved eggs, lean pork or beef, it can improve the nutritional value of porridge, which is a “better” choice.

Eating some meat in the morning can provide body protein, and the whole person will be a little spirited!

銆€銆€In order to increase the taste of the ceramic powder, the manufacturer changed to a softer and smoother, often adding a layer of oil to the steaming process during the manufacturing process, thereby increasing the volume of the ceramic powder, and if accompanied by the sesame sauce andSweet sauce, the amount of traces is increased again, and it is necessary to pay attention during the weight loss period.

銆€銆€Fried rice eats fried rice in the restaurant, and the degeneration must be very high.

Ordinary 1 bowl of rice (main material: 1 bowl of rice, 1 egg, 3 teaspoons of oil), has 450 calories, if you can self-manufacture at home, you can control the oil, so that the calorie is greatly reduced.

銆€銆€As long as you use Yi Jie, the next 1 teaspoon of oil, the same ingredients and materials of fried rice has been reduced to 350 calories; although it is known that the daily increase of 100 calories will increase by 1 pound after 1 month (1 pound = 3,500 calories), 1 yearAfter 10 pounds, it is the decimal number.

銆€銆€A bowl of low-oil fried rice with miscellaneous beans turns into a balanced meal. The choice of lunch box has a principle – Shaosi juice.

The lunch boxes with the sauces are all cooked with a large amount of oil and the conversion is high.

In the monks’ lunch boxes, siu mei is a better choice, but not all siu mei is convenient to eat during weight loss.

銆€銆€Siu mei lunch box that should be eaten during weight loss, white cut chicken rice / oil chicken (peeled), thin pork roast, roast meat (peeled), siu mei lunch box, roast goose, burned pork ribs, brine chicken wings, which should not be eaten during weight loss,Smoked hoof, suckling pig red sausage, red sausage remember to eat during the weight loss, choose rice, ginger, oyster sauce for the time being; do not use fried rice, clay pot rice, glutinous rice is even more exempt.

銆€銆€The thin ribs ribs contain a lot of feces, so whether it is fat ribs or thin ribs, dieters should not eat.

Below the ranking, the amount of lean pork used.

銆€銆€It is not a good choice to use fried and snowy vegetables instead of fresh vegetables for fried and snowy vegetables.

Both fried and sauerkraut are marinated with a large amount of salt, which is easy to make body water and affect weight loss. It is more inappropriate for people with cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease.

Fresh vegetables are better than fried and sauerkraut in terms of nutrients and fiber. It is ideal for weight loss. Food selection is very important.

銆€銆€Wonton and dumplings made in the market, wonton and dumplings, more fat pork, and use too much oil, soy flour and salt to marinate the filling, so that the volume and amount increased, not suitable for eating during weight loss.

Ideally, it is still processed in person.

銆€銆€Meatballs are usually made from fat pork, added with a lot of oil and ingredients. The nutrients are not as good as fresh meat, so you can’t eat them at will. It is recommended to eat no more than twice a week.

銆€銆€In the restaurant you can choose: white fish eggs, beef balls and shrimp balls, avoid eating squid balls, pork balls, tribute pills, fried fish eggs and other meat balls, because they are more high in other meatballs.

銆€銆€Preserved eggs and salted eggs contain high levels of lead and can only be eaten at most once a week (about one serving of preserved eggs).

If you can choose, it is better to eat eggs, because the traces of eggs and dialysis are slightly lower than preserved eggs and salted eggs.

銆€銆€The salty salt of salted eggs is high. If you eat more, you will make your body water, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc., not suitable for eating.

銆€銆€From the point of view of weight loss, abalone and squid are the same as squid and abalone. As long as the right amount of food is no problem, people often pay attention to the problem of high content. For those who are over or over fat,It is not advisable to eat too much fish and squid, it is “less eat more taste”!