How to take a bath after summer exercise


How to take a bath after summer exercise

In summer, the climate is hot, and the human body is prone to sweating. When the military is working hard, it sweats more.

At this time, as long as the water source is convenient, people will choose to take a bath every day.

銆€銆€The outermost layer of human skin is the stratum corneum. The scale of the automatically replaced stratum corneum and skin sweat will not be much. The washing of this part every day has a certain protective effect on the skin.

If the bath is too diligent, the stratum corneum will be damaged, the effect of protecting the skin will be lost, the moisture inside the skin cells will evaporate more easily, and the skin will be dry and even suffer from itching.

銆€銆€Also, pay attention to bath time.

Do not take a bath when it is dry before meals. It is easy to cause hypoxia and temporary anemia. It is not good to wash immediately after a meal. It is best to take an hour or an extension after a meal.

Bathing before going to bed will eliminate the fatigue of the day, making it easy for you to fall asleep.

銆€銆€It is not advisable to soak in hot water when taking a bath.

The temperature of the water in the bathing pool is higher than the body temperature, and the meaningful heartbeat in the water is accelerated, and the heart load is increased.

At the same time, the amount of bleeding caused by the heart beat increases, and the blood pressure of the human body also rises, which is easy to cause hypertension.

Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people, especially those with high blood pressure and high blood pressure, are less likely to have long-term bubbles in hot water.

銆€銆€It is not advisable to take a hot bath after exercise.

As the muscles move to the muscles with increased blood, the blood of the myocardium also increases to accommodate the needs of exercise.

If the exercise stops, immediately take a hot bath, the blood flowing to the skin and muscles continues to increase, so that the blood supply to other organs of the body is reduced, especially the blood and brain needs of the heart and brain, which can easily lead to emergencies and brains.An accident occurs due to lack of oxygen.

Therefore, it is not advisable to take a hot bath immediately after exercise.

銆€銆€Bath time should not be too long, bath for 20 minutes, shower 3?
5 minutes, otherwise the skin surface is easy to dehydrate.

Warm and hot water can concentrate a large amount of blood on the body surface. If the time is too long, fatigue will occur, which will affect the blood supply and function of the internal organs.

銆€銆€People with severe illness should not take a bath in the pool.

Severe hypertension, high blood pressure and other patients, should not enter the pool to prevent sudden changes in the disease.

Trauma and menstruating women with skin diseases should not be “bubble in public baths” to prevent infection.

1 mini games to exercise baby’s behavior development

1 mini games to exercise baby’s behavior development

The baby started to try to crawl, and also started to know how to grasp things. How can he help him master the skills as soon as possible, so as to transition to steady walking and steady holding?

  See what’s inside?

  Paper or paper bag is a fun toy for your baby.

If your baby is tired of playing with existing toys, you don’t have to buy new toys first, you can try to combine cartons.

Wrap the toy with paper, make a rustle and show it to the baby, and then place the opening in front of the baby to entice the baby to open the wrapping paper.

  Expert comment: Let your baby play games using fingers.

For example, a baby likes playing with a paper bag that makes a sound when touched, and a toy that makes a sound or starts when pulled or pressed. When the baby is having fun, the mother should encourage and say, “Baby is great!

“Small little butt makes the baby lie on his back. If the baby looks like he is crawling with his feet up, put his hands on the floor, bend his legs, and let the baby adopt a crawling posture.

If the strength of the hand is too weak to support the body, the mother can support the baby’s belly.

When the baby will support her body with her limbs, the mother can itch behind the baby’s small butt, and the baby will automatically move forward.

  Expert comment: When the baby can crawl freely, it means that the baby’s muscles and athletic ability from the waist to the feet are good.

What the mother needs most at this time is to encourage the baby and let him move.

  Climbing on Dad’s belly Dad first lay down, then place the baby on his belly, and let the baby lie down. You can adjust your hands and feet to an easy crawling position, and let your baby practice how to maintain balance.

  Expert comments: Toes are very important when learning to crawl or walk. They can properly stimulate the soles of the baby’s feet. The soles of the feet are important sensory organs. Like the fingers, you must let it touch various things in order to effectively cultivate your baby’s cognitive sense.

  This is for you. When the baby comes to reach for the toy, put something he notices or toy beside the baby and let the baby reach for it.

When the baby is holding things, the mother needs to teach the baby’s thumb to face the other four fingers.

You can hold the baby’s hand first and teach the baby what is the correct holding position.

  Expert comment: The finger is the second brain of human.

It can be seen that the relationship between fingers and brain activity is very close.

When the baby sees something, he wants to reach out for it. This is the first step of brain and hand cooperation.

Always put some safety toys around your baby. You don’t need to organize the play space neatly, and you can get all kinds of things by letting your baby reach out.

  Come here to let the baby lie on his stomach. If the baby wants to move forward with his belly against the ground, he can use the toy to lure the baby.

When the footsteps are weak and back, the mother can hold the baby’s feet, let the baby’s toes rest on the ground, or let the baby’s feet stand there, and teach the baby how to kick with his toes.

  Experts’ comments: Babies who move around will like to climb to where they want to go. Gradual baby crawling skills are becoming more and more proficient.

You can let your baby crawl as much as you want, and you can play games like shaking your body with your baby to train your baby’s sense of balance.

It is easy to have five fires in summer, and firefighting has to do this!

It is easy to have five “fires” in summer, and firefighting has to do this!

When the summer arrives, the heart is hot and the weather is hot. The fire burns from the heart. Many people will have this feeling. Even in the hot days, even people with good temper will have small emotions. Summer is easy to get angry. How can we put out the fire?It is usually hot in summer. If you eat a little hot food at this time, it is easy to get angry. How should the fire in the summer “fire”?
Liver is prosperous – drink some pear water. Irregular life, uncoordinated diet, depressed mood and irritability can lead to liver fire.
People with strong liver fire often have a bad temper, and they also have physical symptoms such as dry mouth, bad breath, red eyes, dry eyes, acne, and burnout.
Treat the liver fire, you can drink pear water.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pear water.
First, 10 grams of Fritillaria is mashed into powder, then the prepared 2 pears are peeled and diced, put into a pot and stewed, and then added with the right amount of crystal sugar.
Stomach is prosperous – drink some mung bean porridge Summer is coming, people like to eat “roadside stalls”, like “beer + 鎾?string”, but this can easily lead to “stomach fire burning”.
When there is a stomach fire in the body, there may be yellow thick tongue coating, swollen gums, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation and other symptoms.
Clear stomach fire, you can pick up mung bean porridge.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: mung bean porridge.
Take the appropriate amount of gypsum powder, glutinous rice, mung bean, first boil the gypsum powder with water, then go to the slag to be used, then add glutinous rice, mung bean in the liquid, add the seasoning after cooking and take it.
蹇冪伀鏃衡€斺€斿枬鐐硅幉瀛愭堡銆€銆€涓尰璁や负锛屽績鐏垎铏氬疄涓ょ锛岃櫄鐏富瑕佹湁鎵嬭冻蹇冪儹銆佺洍姹椼€佹偢鐑︿笉瀹併€佸瘣灏戞ⅵ澶氱瓑琛ㄧ幇锛屽疄鐏富瑕佹湁鍙e共銆佸彛鑻︺€丷estless, urinating short red burning, red face red, yellow fur, tongue swelling and pain.
You can take honeysuckle water to reduce the fire, and you can drink lotus soup by reducing the fire.
銆€銆€The therapeutic side of the real fire: honeysuckle water.
Put the honeysuckle soaked for half an hour into the water and fry. You can fry for 15 minutes, pour out the juice, add water and fry, take two decocting juice, and add the water for the third time.
Finally, the juice is placed in a bottle and consumed on behalf of the tea.
銆€銆€The therapeutic side of the virtual fire: lotus seed soup.
Take the lotus seeds (not to the lotus heart) and the amount of the wolfberry, put it into the pot and stew. After the fragrance is scented, add the amount of crystal sugar, and take it after saccharification.
Lung fire – eat some pig liver If the body feels external evil or due to internal injuries, it will affect the normal physiological function of the lungs, followed by a series of fevers such as dry mouth, dry tongue, cough, sore throat.
Treat lung fire, you can eat pig liver soup.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pig liver soup.
Pig liver and chrysanthemum amount, put into the pot and boil, cook until the liver is cooked, add seasoning, you can eat liver soup.
Kidney fire – eat some pork loin in the process of Chinese medicine diagnosis, kidney fire is mostly the deficiency of yin deficiency and fire, mainly irritability, dizziness, tinnitus, toothache, mouth ulcers, waist and knees and so on.
To remove kidney fire, you can use the method of “cleaning up”.
銆€銆€Therapeutic side: pig waist.
The pork loin, wolfberry and hawthorn meat are boiled in water and cooked until the pork loin is cooked. After adding the seasoning, you can take it.
銆€銆€In fact, whether it is summer or not, if you do not pay attention to regular life and diet, the above five fires are very easy to find us.
Therefore, instead of “fire” after “getting angry”, it is better to take precautionary measures to avoid “burning the fire”.
Deal with the fire on the small coup 1, mouth or mouth long bubble: cut a few pieces of ginger to chew, can make the blisters slowly eliminate; wash your face before going to sleep, squeeze the eye ointment on the pain of the lips, the pain will be reduced the next day, continueApplying it for a few days can make the pain disappear.
2, sore throat: often eat raw pears can prevent mouth sores and sore throat; with vinegar plus the same amount of water gargle, can alleviate the pain; tender loofah smashed juice, frequently with phlegm; throat pain, availableSpoon a spoonful of soy sauce, simmer for about 1 minute, for 3-4 times, with curative effect.
3, throat dry and hoarse: drink light salt water; take honey pear cream; drink orange peel sugar tea.
Chinese medicine recommended fire-fighting tea honeysuckle tea Honeysuckle has the functions of clearing liver and eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxifying, calming liver and cooling blood, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, anti-virus, strengthening defense function, etc. The right amount of drinking this tea has a good health effect.
Chrysanthemum Tea Chrysanthemum tea tastes slightly bitter, can dispel cold and clear heat, clear liver and eyesight.
Those who don’t know the doorway will choose chrysanthemums with white flowers and large flowers. In fact, the small and ugly yellow chrysanthemums are chosen.
Drink chrysanthemum tea, do not add other tea leaves, only the dried chrysanthemum soaked in water or boiled to drink.
銆€銆€Use 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 鏋告潪 5 grams, add into the pot and add water to boil.
Suitable for liver fire, dizziness, brain swelling, tinnitus, eye pain and other symptoms to drink.
Honey black tea Brew black tea, then adjust the amount of honey, brown sugar according to personal taste.Drink once a day before meals, can warm the stomach, protect the liver and cold, suitable for liver fire, spleen and stomach function is not good.

The cassia seed tea cassia is slightly cold, and the tea that has been brewed has a light green grass fragrance. The taste is bitter. For those who have a big liver, it is a good way to reduce fire, mainly to clear the heat and clear the liver.

Add the single-flavored cassia seed and mix it directly into the tea until the tea is colorless.

Modern pharmacological research suggests that cassia seed is loaded with chrysophanol, emodin, cassia and other components, which have antihypertensive, antibacterial and plasma-lowering effects.

Green tea green tea tastes slightly bitter cold, with heat, heat, detoxification, fire, dryness, thirst, Shengjin, strong heart refreshing function.

Green tea green leaf green soup, fresh and refreshing, tastes sweet and slightly bitter and cold, causing vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. Drinking both has the effect of cooling off heat and adding nutrients.

The spring tea in green tea is the best quality in the year, especially in the new tea listed before and after the Qingming and Guyu. After a winter of nutrient accumulation, the free amino acids and protein in the tea are rich in nutrients, and the aroma of the tea is good.Very cool.

However, green tea is slightly cold, and people with weak spleen and stomach should not take it in large quantities to avoid injury to the spleen and stomach.

Fire on the small coups, life rules, eat more fruits and vegetables experts believe that, if you get angry, first we must have a scientific law of life, reasonable work habits, but also on time to eat quantitatively, do not eat in time to avoid, this does notBecause food is overeating.

At the same time, when participating in various activities, there must be moderation, must have reasonable sleep time, do not stay up late, to prevent excessive fatigue, body resistance decreased.

Usually, eat more “clear fire” food fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, oranges, green tea have a good clearing effect, and carrots to supplement the body’s vitamin b, to avoid chapped lips also have a good effect.

In addition, you can take a variety of cool granules, such as Xia Sangjuju granules, Jinju granules, etc. are also very effective for “clearing fire”.

銆€銆€During the “fire” period, it is not advisable to eat spicy food, drink alcohol, smoke and stay up all night. Pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, gargle frequently, drink plenty of water, and take “clear fire” medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

If the symptoms of “getting angry” are more obvious, and have not improved for more than a week, you need to go to the hospital in time.

Can you eat sputum to relieve dysmenorrhea?


Can you eat sputum to relieve dysmenorrhea?

“Every time I come to my aunt, there is always pain in the lower abdomen and the feeling of falling.

A friend told me that eating a little glutinous rice in the first few days of the big aunt can relieve dysmenorrhea.

Does 閱?really have this effect?

“Wheat (wine, rice wine) is a kind of fermented food made from steamed glutinous rice or rice and added to the koji.

The glutinous rice is rich in essential amino acids and multivitamins, as well as a variety of organic acids, low decomposition and doping, which are beneficial to digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Chinese medicine believes that the sputum has the effect of tonifying qi and nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and dehumidification, assisting transportation, strengthening the spleen and benefiting the stomach.

Some dysmenorrhea is caused by qi and blood weakness. In this case, eating a proper amount of glutinous rice is beneficial to menstrual blood discharge, thereby relieving dysmenorrhea.

Use glutinous rice to relieve dysmenorrhea, you can choose eggs, jujube, wolfberry, brown sugar and so on according to your own situation.

Note: Some dysmenorrhea itself is not caused by qi and blood weakness, so eating glutinous rice does not necessarily have an effect; glutinous rice is only a food, not a painkiller, so it is not a meal to relieve dysmenorrhea; to eat warm rather than coldOh, don’t overdose, so as not to overdo it.

Domestic and foreign medicine Chinese medicine usage Raiders


Domestic and foreign medicine Chinese medicine usage Raiders

Oral Chinese medicine delivery service: Most of the internal medicine Zhongcheng medicine warm water delivery service, commonly known as swallowing, is the most commonly used internal service method.

Most of the internal Chinese medicines such as tablets, pills, capsules, etc. are taken by this method.

Among them, the pill is divided into honey pill (large, small honey pill, water pill), water pill, concentrated pill, dripping pill and so on.

When taking the pellets of small particles, just take the warm water to take the clothes. The big honey pills can not be swallowed by the pills. They should be chewed or washed with a handkerchief and then served with warm water.

In addition, some Chinese patent medicines can enhance the efficacy, and can be taken with medicine and drink. For example, when taking Huoxiangzhengqi Pill or Fuzi Lizhong Pill for stomach pain and vomiting, you can use ginger decoction to promote the effect of the drug; dysmenorrheaWhen taking Aifu warming pill, patients can use warm brown sugar water to serve to enhance the effect of drugs to disperse cold and promote blood circulation; when taking Buzhong Yiqi Pill for chronic enteritis, you can use Dazao decoction to deliver drugs to enhance drugs.The role of tonifying spleen and replenishing qi; taking Dahuoluo Pill in the treatment of stroke hemiplegia, when the mouth is skewed, in order to increase the efficacy of the drug to promote blood circulation and collaterals, you can use yellow wine to deliver clothes.

銆€銆€Chongfu: When people take granules, syrups, and ointments, they often need to be blunt. The blunt is to take the medicine after it has been melted or suspended in hot water.

In addition, people often need to take some fragrant or valuable Chinese medicines, such as bezoar, musk.

銆€銆€Transfer: refers to taking the drug into a paste with warm water and taking it. Patients or children who cannot swallow often use alternative methods when taking powders, pills, and tablets.

銆€銆€Containing: Liushen pill, grass coral lozenges, Jinzizi throat treasure, etc. for the treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis, Chinese medicine for tonsillitis often needs to be contained, that is, the drug is contained in the mouth, slowly dissolve, and then slowly swallowed.

銆€銆€Sputum: Gummy, sticky and easily soluble drugs, such as Ejiao, staghorn gum often need to be sputum when taking, that is, the drug is taken after boiling water or rice wine is heated and dissolved.

銆€銆€In addition to the above-mentioned oral administration methods of Chinese patent medicines, when people look at Chinese medicine, they often see that Chinese medicine prescriptions say 鈥渇irst frying鈥? 鈥減ost-lowering鈥? 鈥減acking fried鈥? 鈥渙ther stewing鈥?or 鈥渙ther frying鈥? etc.Words, what is this all about?

銆€銆€First frying: For shells and minerals, it is difficult to fry due to its firmness and effectiveness. It should be broken first and boiled about 10?
After 20 minutes, add other medicines.

Commonly used in these drugs are turtle shells, armor, stone cassia, raw oysters, raw keels and so on.

銆€銆€After the next: odor aromatic drugs such as peppermint, Amomum, cardamom, etc., by virtue of its volatile oil, should be added to the general drug when it is about to fry, fry 4?
It can be used in 5 minutes to prevent its active ingredients from evaporating.
銆€銆€Baojian: In order to prevent the turbidity of the liquid after frying and reduce the bad stimulation to the digestive tract and throat, when decoction of red stone fat, talc, and inverted flowers, wrap the medicine with gauze and then boil it in a pot.

銆€銆€Another stew or other fried: some valuable drugs, in order to repair the active ingredients, reduce the absorption of other drugs while frying, can be stewed or fried, such as ginseng, should be cut into small pieces, added to the lid, stewed in water2?
3 hours.

銆€銆€Externally used Chinese medicines for external use are called pharmacology, and clinical trials are permitted.

Topical Chinese patent medicines mainly contain certain toxic and irritating drugs, which are used only locally, and exert local therapeutic effects through protective action or transdermal absorption.

Commonly used methods are as follows: absorption of the affected area: suitable for topical application of ointment, water, and expectorant, wash the affected area when using, and then apply a thin layer of drug evenly on the affected area.

Such as the treatment of bruises of safflower oil, the treatment of joint inflammation of the soil sputum, etc. should use this method.

銆€銆€Spreading affected area: It is suitable for external use of powder. When used, spread the powder evenly on the affected area and fix it with gauze. If it is applied, it should be used.

銆€銆€Dispensing the affected area: external powder and other external dosage forms, prepared into a paste with a suitable liquid (such as tea, white wine, vinegar, edible vegetable oil, etc.), applied to the affected area, and wrapped with dressing gauze.

Among them, white wine is often used to regulate the application of blood stasis and relieving pain. For example, when using Qizhi San to treat bruises, it can be used to adjust the effect of dilating and relieving swelling of the drug; tea is often used for the treatment of swelling and detoxification.Chinese patent medicine, in the treatment of sore mouth with Ruyi Golden Powder, it is advisable to use tea water; vinegar is often used to apply Chinese medicine with swelling, antipyretic and analgesic effect, which has the effect of enhancing convergence and dampness, such as using purple gold nails.It is advisable to use vinegar to treat acne ulcers; edible vegetable oil or pepper oil is often used to adjust the dampness and itching of proprietary Chinese medicines, such as acute eczema with vegetable oil or pepper oil to apply Jiusheng scattered in the affected area.

Edible vegetable oil is also applied to Chinese patent medicine for treating water and fire.

銆€銆€Blowing the affected area: When treating gingival swelling and pain with Bingbei Powder, it is often necessary to blow the affected area, that is, it is made of paper roll or plastic and has a diameter of about 2?
3 mm clean, dry tube, cut at one end into a slanted mouth, pick a powder, blow the powder into the ear, throat or gums.

銆€銆€Sticking to the affected area: It is often necessary to apply the plaster when applying the plaster.

Adhesive plaster such as injury painkiller cream can be directly attached to the affected area. If the black plaster is used, the black plaster should be softened first, then it should be slightly cold, and then attached to the affected area to prevent burns on the skin.

They are the most well-trained teams in the Super League. Only two games will kill themselves.


They are the most well-trained teams in the Super League. Only two games will kill themselves.

With the funds and configuration invested by the Guangzhou R&F team, they will not think that they are upset.

But with their neurological performance, losing to any opponent, there is no need to feel that it is an accident.

Every season, they fight for the AFC Champions without hope, relegation and worry-free, only two games a year will be killed, that is the Guangzhou Derby.

In other games, if you win, you will win.

Fans in Guangzhou City have long set the tone for R&F’s career prospects in the Super League, that is, “eat and sleep to play Evergrande.”

Therefore, Guangzhou R&F team is the best team in all Super League teams. It only knows how to enjoy the most healthy team, but only two games will hit.

In the 23rd round of the Super League, which ended on the evening of September 23rd, Beijing time, the Guangzhou R&F team at the Yuexiu Mountain Stadium in the match against the Chongqing Swee team in the relegation team, after losing the ball with a wonderful Oolong, with Xiao ZhiThe goal is to equalize the score, and finally shake hands with the opponent 1 to 1, and do not hurt each other.

Analyze why the R&F team can’t get this game?

The main reason is that the team itself has a lot of problems.

This game is actually a very easy game for the R&F team.

First of all, the team greeted the returning striker King Zahawi, who can return the strongest indicator light.

First of all, Chongqing Siwei team only leads the penultimate 1 point, they need to win the ball to open the opponent, in order to relegation.

In this way, as long as the Sway team presses out the attack, the R&F team resolutely fights the defensive counterattack, the small motorcycle has no sprint space, and the R&F team overcomes the opportunity to defeat the opponent.

However, in the game, Stojkovic simply did not know what strategy and tactics, as always, kicked his beautiful football, as always, the defensive breakthrough.

To be honest, the small motorcycle in this game is obviously not in the state, and his speed advantage has not fully exerted its maximum power.

Otherwise, with the defense of the R&F team, the first half will be torn open by the Sway team.

That’s right, Stowe’s offensive football did create a lot of scoring opportunities.

However, the obvious state of Zahavi just recovered from injury has not recovered, and after a good chance of wasting again and again, the R&F team can only wait for revenge by the opponent.

The Swede’s revenge strike is very funny.

After the small motorcycle took the ball into the restricted area of R&F team to create chaos, when Huang Zhengyu and his teammates knocked down the ball, the small motorcycle had already given up the attack. It was useless, and the other teammates of the Sway team gave up, knowing that it was too late.Filled up.

But when the Sway team had already given up this attack, a big foot of the squadron was released, and the ball was kicked on the top of Huang Zhengyu.

At the moment of scoring, almost everyone said that this is not a matter of Huang Zhengyu. It is that he will not deal with the ball and harm Huang Zhengyu.

But the fact is that, this season has been criticized, lost more than the goal, the second-lowest R. Fleet, the number of lost goals, finally this game can not get the ball, but they have to help each other score.
Looking at the Fuli team’s miraculous loss of the ball, watching Stojkovic’s consistently ineffective adjustment and substitution, the game is not over, too many fans have already been off, the R&F team is like this,They don’t want to win, but they don’t want to win.

Almost every season, they only have two games to play as much as possible, that is, two rounds of the same city derby.

As soon as I hit Evergrande, the R&F team, which was in a down state, would immediately fight like a chicken.

However, in other games, the R&F team is very cramped, can win any opponent, and can lose to any weak team.

Therefore, each season’s impact on the AFC Champions is hopeless, downgrades and worry-free, Guangzhou R&F team is the team that knows how to enjoy and is the best in the Super League team.

Because, they only have two games to play with, the other games, mixed days.

There are some reasons for chronic diarrhea in children.


There are some reasons for chronic diarrhea in children.


Physiological diarrhea Many new mothers have discovered that yellow-green loose stools appear shortly after birth, and the number of stools is also very high.

At this time, the new mother does not need to worry. If you look closely, you will find that the mental discomfort of the newborn is disturbed, and the appetite is always good, and there is no vomiting.

Experts point out that these dyspepsia diarrhea is a physiological phenomenon in newborns, and this symptom will naturally disappear after age or increase in food supplements.


Indigestive diarrhea, but at the same time, mothers should also pay attention, because babies with physiological diarrhea often get skin eczema or even elevated body temperature after taking allogeneic proteins such as milk or eggs, so in daily lifeNewborns should be allowed to go beyond these factors as much as possible.

Baby probiotics can produce a variety of organic acids and digestive enzymes in the digestive tract, help the baby to absorb food, increase appetite, produce lactose, acetic acid, etc., can enhance the baby’s peristalsis and promote digestion.


Indigestive diarrhea Infants, many babies will have indigestion and diarrhea, and the most common cause is usually caused by improper use.

If your baby eats too much or eats too little, it will lead to symptoms such as indigestion and diarrhea. Therefore, mothers must pay attention to controlling the right amount when coping, not too much or too little.

In addition to some aspects of the problem, if the weather is too hot or suddenly cold, these will lead to baby diarrhea.

In addition to this, mothers often change new foods, etc. These reasons can cause diarrhea in the baby due to indigestion.

Diarrhea caused by this condition is usually accompanied by fever, vomiting, loss of appetite and other symptoms.


The “lowering therapy” that infectious diarrhea has taken in the past for children with diarrhea is no longer advocated.

Too many parents think that it is not scientific to wisely implement a “fasting” strategy for children by “less eating less, not eating or pulling.”

Especially for children with non-infectious diarrhea, their indirect system is not affected by bacteria, and the digestive function is still very good. If parents implement 鈥渇asting鈥? it may cause the child to increase intestinal motility under obesity.On the contrary, it is easy to make diarrhea worse.

During diarrhea, you can choose porridge, rotten noodles and other relatively light and digestible foods, avoid high protein, high fat and greasy food.

For small babies, breast replacement or replacement formula should be replaced for 2-3 days, and then gradually return to normal diet.

There are many reasons for dyspepsia in children, and there is also a kind of infectious diarrhea, which is caused by bacteria, viruses or mold invading the gastrointestinal tract called diarrhea.

This part of the child often has symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, vomiting and vomiting during the illness, and the stool has an unusual smell, or contains mucus or pus.

For the diarrhea caused by this reason, the mother must take the baby to the hospital for treatment.


The virus and the diarrhea due to this condition are very urgent, and it is easy to cause a baby’s life risk due to a slight delay.

Therefore, in daily life, mothers must pay attention to preventive measures.

For example, in daily life, food hygiene is guaranteed, and at the same time, the baby can develop a good habit of washing hands before and after meals, which can effectively prevent diarrhea.

In many cases, the virus can also cause dyspepsia and diarrhea in children. This situation usually occurs in August-November of each year, and September is the peak incidence.

In general, a well-nourished 6-18 month old baby is a high-risk group. Once there is dyspepsia and diarrhea, the baby’s body temperature will rise to 38-40 seconds, accompanied by various dryness.Full of symptoms.

5.The greedy baby indoors add a “small apron” summer baby can not get too much, but must pay attention to the abdomen to keep warm.

Parents can choose a small blanket or put a small apron on the abdomen to protect the child’s summer diarrhea.

In addition to external preventive measures, internal prevention is also very important. As the saying goes, “the disease is from the mouth”, to prevent the child’s stomach problems, you must manage the child’s mouth.

First of all, parents of cold drinks that children love in the summer should also be well off.

The cold drink itself does not reduce the nutrition of the child, and can only reduce the effect of cooling and relieving phlegm. It is recommended not to exceed two in one day, otherwise it will stimulate the inhalation tract very much and may increase the respiratory allergic disease.

Usually, parents can consider watermelon, mung bean soup, etc. when choosing foods for heatstroke prevention and cooling for their children.

However, if it is taken directly from the refrigerator, it is recommended to release it at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before it is consumed.

The diarrhea caused by the virus is like a rice soup or egg-flower soup, accompanied by a small amount of mucus.

And because of the large amount of stool, often flushed out like water, so the baby with viral diarrhea will soon appear dehydration symptoms such as eyelid depression, dry lips and so on.

There are now ads for excess antidiarrheal drugs on TV, but parents must not believe in blind obedience.It is recommended that under normal circumstances, it is best not to give your child easy use of antidiarrheal drugs. After the child has diarrhea, you can take comprehensive treatment in different situations. If the child is only a thin paste, not accompanied by fever and other symptoms, there are no other symptoms, mainly taking care.Treatment of gastrointestinal function, if the child is infected with diarrhea, there will be sticky or even associated with bleeding to do anti-infective treatment, so the abuse of antidiarrheal drugs when the baby solves the problem of diarrhea, but will cause certain complications.

Especially for small babies, antidiarrheal drugs can inhibit the discharge of toxins in the body and aggravate the condition.

In the face of pediatric dyspepsia and diarrhea, these are the most common in daily life, only to understand the reasons for better treatment and prevention.

Ten wonderful Chinese herbal medicines in the human body


Ten wonderful Chinese herbal medicines in the human body

We only know the hair that has been lost, and the cut nail can be used as a Chinese herbal medicine.

So, do you know that there are some wonderful Chinese herbal medicines in addition to nails and hair?

Hurry and look down!

銆€銆€1, among the whites in the white, the human body is healthy and the urine is naturally precipitated and solid.

This product is irregular in shape, varying in size and thickness 3-5mm.

The surface is grayish white, uneven, often with ribbed or tumorous complications; the underside is earlier.

Hard and brittle, fragile.

The cross section shows obvious layers of different thickness.

It has urinary hernia and is slightly salty.

This product is dry, color gray, strong, and no impurities.

It has the effect of clearing heat and reducing fire, stopping bleeding and removing phlegm.

Commonly used for lung and heat, vomiting blood, blood stasis, throat, gums, mouth sores, all wet and fester, burns.

銆€銆€2, in the middle of the yellow people, yellow, is the end of the licorice in the bamboo tube, accumulated in the human pit after a certain period of time.

The product is complete, the appearance and section are dark yellow, rough, showing that the licorice fiber is criss-crossed and gathered, the quality is tight and the surface is easy to peel off.

Has a special smell.

Clearing heat and cooling blood; purging fire and detoxification.

The main day is a fever; warm disease and spotting; hot and polydipsia; acne blood heat; erysipelas; sore.

For fever, hair spots, blood heat poisoning, dark purple rash, or high fever, as well as sore throat, erysipelas embolism.

銆€銆€3, human urine urine, Chinese medicine name, for the human health of the person’s urine, go to the head and tail, with the middle section.

It is generally better to urinate in healthy children under the age of 10, which is called “children’s stool”.

This product is a light yellow solution.

It has a smell of urine and a salty taste.

Nourishing yin and reducing fire, stopping bleeding and eliminating phlegm.

Treatment of yin deficiency fever, labor injury, hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood stasis, postpartum blood stasis, blood halo, bruises and injuries.

銆€銆€4, the name of the traditional milk supplement of human milk, is the milk secreted by the healthy women after childbirth.

Contains protein, trace, carbohydrate, ash, emulsified calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other nutrients.

The human milk heat service can replenish the five internal organs, fill the essence with the puzzle, moisturize and stimulate the body, and nourish the blood deficiency.

Any constipation, strong tongue, and red eyes can be used effectively; with fresh human eye drops, it can cure eye red, eye pain and other eye diseases; eye drops made with human milk, clinically used to treat electro-opticOphthalmia, the effect is excellent.

銆€銆€5, the placenta is the “human cell”, also known as the purple river car.

The cell coat that was taken off at the time of birth of the human baby was processed and dried by the release of pure blood medicine.

Replenishing qi and nourishing blood;

The main vain wins thin; vain and labor; qi deficiency; blood deficiency yellow; impotence nocturnal emission; infertility and less milk.

For vain and thin, bone steaming night sweats, cough and asthma, eating less gas, short-term impotence, infertility and less milk.

銆€銆€6, human umbilical cord umbilical cord, for the healthy human baby umbilical cord.

This product is the highest strip, 10 long?
15cm, diameter about 0.

5cm, light yellow or dark brown, translucent, to the light sleeve, there are 2 arterial tubes and 1 intravenous tube.

It is tough and not easy to break.
The gas is slightly weak.
Wei Xianping, which has the effect of relieving fetus and stopping asthma and cough, has recently been considered to have anti-viral effect on measles and enhance the immunity of the human body.

It has a long-term cough and wheezing, and its effect is also good.

銆€銆€7, human blood fractures, healthy people’s blood, mainly used for the treatment of major bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, serious infection, anemia and other diseases.

Coagulation factors and platelets extracted from human blood are commonly used preparations for the treatment of coagulopathy.

In addition, human albumin, human gamma globulin, etc., have a certain effect on the treatment of albumin deficiency and prevention of certain infectious diseases.

銆€銆€8, after the hair is processed, it becomes black and shiny, and the body is light and brittle. It is like the charcoal of sponge. Chinese medicine is also called “blood residue”.

Sexual taste is bitter, it can eliminate blood stasis and stop bleeding.

Commonly used for vomiting blood, blood in the urine, uterine bleeding, nasal discharge and bleeding gums.

General oral administration.

9 grams.

External use can cure burns, take blood and carbon, and then mix with Vaseline and apply it to the wound.

銆€銆€9, human nail manicure, Chinese medicine name, nails cut for human health people.

This product has irregular crescent shape, size and width.

The surface is yellowish white and the teeth are white, and the crops are bright and smooth.

There are fine vertical stripes.

Horny, hard and tough, elastic, difficult to break.

Slightly sweet, sweet and salty.

It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, rotifying and stimulating muscles, and improving eyesight; using yellow wine to deliver clothes can treat the chicken paw wind of palm tremor; put in cigarettes to ignite inhalation and retire.

It was ground into a powder together with borneol.

Then blow into the ear, there is a pus, astringent, anti-inflammatory effect, effective for the treatment of chronic otitis media.

銆€銆€10, saliva saliva, commonly known as saliva, “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that saliva is a traditional Chinese medicine, known in ancient times as “Jinjin Yuye”.

Modern people think that saliva is dirty.

But Chinese medicine experts tell you that saliva is a good medicine and has health and health benefits.

There is a famous saying in the folks that describes the effect of saliva, and that “Tian is a long-term medicine.”

銆€銆€Have you been shocked after learning about this?

In fact, these wonderful herbs really have unexpected effects!

Hurry up and collect it!

Health breakfast porridge: double melon porridge, preserved egg lean meat porridge, bean sprouts waist porridge


Health breakfast porridge: double melon porridge, preserved egg lean meat porridge, bean sprouts waist porridge

Double melon porridge material cucumber, 100 grams of melon, 50 grams of glutinous rice, ginger, medlar each amount: salt amount.

Practice: 1 cucumber washed, peeled, cut into thin slices; melon washed, peeled, simmered, cut into thin slices; glutinous rice washed clean, soaked in clear water for 1 hour.

2 pot on the fire, pour the right amount of water, add glutinous rice, ginger, scorpion simmer, boil, turn to low heat simmer until the glutinous rice is cooked soft, add the melon slices to the transparent, add the cucumber slices to boil, add salt to taste.

Preserved egg lean meat porridge material: 1 preserved egg, 50 grams of lean pork, 100 grams of rice; chopped green onion, salt, MSG.

Practice: 1, peeled eggs, diced: pig lean meat washed, diced, salted for 30 minutes; rice washed clean.

2, set the pot on the fire, pour the right amount of water, add rice, boil over low heat and cook for 20 minutes.

3, add pork diced, preserved egg diced, salt, boil and turn to low heat for about 20 minutes, add MSG, chopped green onion.

Bean seedlings porridge material: 2 fresh pork loin, 150 grams of rice, 5 scallops, 250 grams of pea sprouts: onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine, vegetable oil.

Measures: 1, the pig’s waist to the outer membrane, cut open, remove the lumbosacral, wash, slice: pea sprouts washed, cut a small section: rice washed clean.

2, the pork loin is placed in a bowl, add onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine and vegetable oil and mix well, pickled for a while: scallops with water soaked, smashed into fine.

3, add rice, dried scallops, clear water, medium heat to porridge thick, cooked in pork loin slices, sprinkle pea sprouts, adjust the taste.

The four misunderstandings that corsets must be vigilant


The four misunderstandings that corsets must be vigilant

As the age grows, and the effect of gravity, it gradually sags slightly. How to properly wear the body shaping underwear can show the fullness of the circumference.

Although the skull is big, if you wear the body shaping underwear wrongly, the chest will be hit and it will not be squeezed properly, but a series of adverse effects will occur.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鎷ユ湁瀹岀編韬潗锛屽睍闇插偛浜烘洸绾匡紝鏄笉鍚屽勾浠c€佷笉鍚屽湴鍩熷コ鎬у叡鍚岀殑姊︽兂涓庤拷姹傘€俆he causes and characteristics of the imperfect figure curve are not the same, and the solution must be the right medicine.

A tight bra can deform the breast, causing normal breathing, difficulty in exercising, and even causing “green blood disease.”

In addition, too tight underwear may also affect the sweat excretion of the skin, causing skin diseases.

But how much do you know about the misunderstanding of wearing a corset?

Do you have the need to wear body shaping underwear?

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 1: After wearing, it is easy to say that the weight loss effect is good. Generally speaking, a good quality product can wear for two years.

However, there are some products that are unqualified, and they will not deform when they are monthly. The merchant may tell you that you have lost weight, but the waist seal with a memory alloy will change your body shape. Then youI have to consider that I am afraid that it is a bad thing to buy, and don’t be complacent because of the explanation of the business.

]銆€銆€璇尯浜岋細绌跨殑鏃堕棿瓒婇暱鍑忚偉鏁堟灉瓒婂ソ 銆€銆€缇庝綋鍐呰。鐭椂闂存尋鍘嬫垨璁镐笉浼氫骇鐢熷お澶у奖鍝嶏紝浣嗛暱鏈熷帇杩皢瀵逛汉浣撳唴閮ㄥ櫒瀹樹細浜х敓涓嶈壇鍚庢灉锛屽鏄撳嚭鐜板叏韬娑叉祦閫氫笉鐣呭拰鏂伴檲浠h阿涓嶈壇Symptoms.

Experts suggest that you should not wear it for too long each time, generally do not wear more than 4 hours at a time, and can not wear it every day.

銆€銆€Misunderstanding 3: It is the gospel of losers. One of the purposes of wearing body underwear is to control appetite. The sense of restraint at the waist can make you not eat a lot every meal. 8 points should be the limit.

Therefore, the main role of body underwear is to make the curve beautiful rather than weight loss, do not equate body underwear with weight loss.

銆€銆€Myth 4: I am still very young, and I don’t have to wear a good body. When I am older, I will say that women who need to recover after the birth, women with poor proportions, some shorts, hips, women with thick thighs, and those parts.People who have extra meat and are hard to lose need to wear body shaping underwear.

After the age of 25, women’s skin will sag, and then it should consciously delay the aging of the body.