Do you have a ghost press experience?

Do you have a ghost press experience?

50% of people have experienced sleep paralysis (commonly known as “ghost compression”). At midnight, you stare at your eyes, watching the shadows around you move closer to you, but you cannot move or shout . The latest article by a British scholarCalling on the medical profession to improve sleep paralysis: limbs, some have difficulty breathing or hallucinations.

“Scientists already know that this phenomenon is related to stress. It is a” disconnection “between the brain and the body. In short, the person is awake, but the area responsible for the body in the brain is still asleep.

More urgently, researchers believe that the cause of sleep paralysis spreading in the public should be corrected in an effort to reduce the sources of worry and stress that cause this symptom.

  Heidi: I have experienced various kinds of ghost suppression since I was a child, and I am a “severe patient”. I often have hallucinations and occasionally have difficulty breathing.

Later I got used to it and it didn’t matter. I was very aware that I was in this state of inability to move. The person who flashed in front of me was not necessarily true, so I usually concentrated on continuing to sleep.many.

It turns out that decompression is king. I wonder if everyone has a similar experience .