Chasing the Secret Girl: Cold Processing

Chasing the Secret Girl: “Cold Processing”

My girlfriend is a “schematic” guy.
I chased her after more than a year, she always wandered between love and dislike.
My care and love, she always accepted everything, but she refused to make the relationship clear and deliberately hanged my appetite.
My heart is very contradictory: continue to chase, the other party is a difficult bone; give up her, and very unwilling, because she is indeed the object of my dreams.
  Just when I was in the middle of confusion, my eldest brother who was working outside came back to visit relatives.
Brother saw me frowning all day and asked me why?
I told the truth to the elder brother, but I did not expect the elder brother to smile heartily: “This is actually an extremely easy problem to solve!
“I am busy asking:” How to solve it?
“Big brother said:” As long as you make a determined decision to be cold with her once, you will soon know whether she loves you or not.
If she can’t stand your indifference, she may take the initiative to stretch out an olive branch to you, or she may try to make excuses to lose her temper, which is a sign of loving you.
If she is indifferent to your indifference, then you might as well die early.
Imagine that the elder brother also made sense, so he dared to try according to the elder brother’s idea and stopped asking her to go out.
Sure enough, within a week, my girlfriend took the initiative to come to her. As soon as she met, she asked me, “Why not come to me these days?
I asked Erlang with his legs crossed, “Why should I go to you?”
“My girlfriend has never taught me this tone before, and immediately lost her mind:” You . what’s wrong? ”
“I said,” I’m fine, but now I figured it out, I don’t want to toss myself anymore! ”
“My girlfriend has always been smart, and naturally it’s easy to understand what I mean.
Obviously aware of the seriousness of the problem, she immediately approached me tenderly: “What’s wrong with me, why don’t you tell me, don’t get angry?
“At this point, I knew it was successful.
  When I told the good news to the elder brother, the elder brother quietly said to me: “Your auntie always did the same, always arrogant in front of me, but then I stopped paying attention to her and she chased me instead.